Products and Services dedicated to lightning protection

What ALC can do for you ?

ALC provide engineering services and provide a range of useful products

All our products are proposed because they have a long time field experience or, for new products, have passed tests in field in areas known for being harsh (where regular product tested according to standards sometimes behave badly)

They have been either designed by installers or have been satisfactorily used by installers

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Our main products:

  • Protection against direct lightning (lightning terminal, mast, catenary wires, mesh systems and accessories)
  • Earthing systems (equipotentiality, earth rods, earth mesh, earth conductors, resistance improvers and measuring equipment)
  • Prevention and protection of people (storm detector, protective mat for workers)
  • Testing and measuring systems (surge and lightning generators portable or for laboratories, high frequency earthing meter, earthing impulse generator)
  • Surge protection (Surge Protective Devices, accessories and components)
  • Software (lightning risk assessment, earthing system design, separation distance)



  • Lightning studies
  • Site survey and inspection
  • Training
  • Earthing system design
  • User support
  • Turn-key solutions



Why a new Lightning Protection company ?

Very often, the range of proposed product is limited.

Existing products are nice but either not practical or with not enough field experience leading to damage due to environment ingress.

Sophisticated products are helpful to analyze the field situation but they are difficult to purchase.